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Phoenix Club Night

The Club meets on the first Monday of every month from about 8.00pm (except Bank hols when we meet the week after).

There's a core of regular committee members and the others turn up when they can. The lure of a pint and a bit of a laugh is enough to draw a reasonable gathering on a regular basis, most turn up to catch up on the club gossip and join in the banter.

New members are welcome to come along and sample the lively character for which this Club is renowned. See you there....

Meeting Place:

Lingmell Inn Muirhead Avenue East West Derby Liverpool 11.The photo below is our previous venue, please check back for new photo and map

map and photo of teh Sefton Arms

2013 dinner photos - held at Bootle Cricket Club 16th November

2014 dinner photos - held at Bootle Cricket Club 15th November