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First track session of the season: Destination Track

Well tonight was the first track night of 2014 and what a night it was, rain as soon as we got onto the track had us all with our hearts in our mouths as to whether it would go off and with track debuts from Becka, Lucy and several others we had 10 or more riders all wanting to ride.

I allowed Becka to wear my team kit and I threw on my super tight skinsuit so looked like I was there to win some Olympic gold medals. Following 3 laps of the track Becka was already at the top of the banking and had no issues when it came to confidence and riding with the more experienced guys although she was slightly disappointed when she "got dropped by a 10 year old".

Following lap after lap of change overs we decided to have an elimination race with everybody involved. Ivan was a strong favourite but was knocked out 4th from last, then another gentleman, then it was me and Arthur, following my previous attack to cross the line and avoid elimination I maintained my speed holding Arthur off who claimed he "didn't realise we were the last two".

I pipped him to the line by about 200 meters with a nonchalant no handed crossing of the line to seal the win. Think that will be my only one this year as soon as the big hitters get back I’ll be boxed in and left for dead.

Great first session and I’m sure we all look forward to plenty more, good riding guys and let’s get more numbers down so we can have a longer session and make it more worthwhile travelling to the track.


Sam Bennett