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Phil at speed

Inter Club 25 16th June 2015

Club 25:- 16th June 2015. Philip Williams - 2015 LTTCA and WCTTCA BAR champion. Andrew Connery finished 4th with a 56:12 and Phill Warburton 7th with a57:20. We had 15 riders from a field of 48.


SurnameFirst NameClubCrseRace NumAct TimePositionHcap TimeMPHPos On StndTwo UpPB
WilliamsPhil WLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 5053:03153:0328.28
HiltonSWarrington Rd Club D25/3 1354:33227.50
McEvoyJohnnyNFTO D25/3 2754:56327.31
ConneryAndrewLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 4556:12455:2626.69
LarmerKPort Sunlight Wheelers D25/3 4156:36526.50
EcclestonLManchester Tri D25/3 1556:43626.45
BennettAOnimpex bioracer D25/3 2957:02726.30
WarburtonPhillLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 3657:20856:4226.16
MoretonGSouthport CC D25/3 1658:36925.60
BlackburnPLeigh Premier D25/3 3058:391025.58
McGowanPWarrington Rd Club D25/3 758:441125.54
CliffeMCover Your Car D25/3 1859:001225.42
ToppingDLeigh Premier D25/3 2059:581325.01
SmithDFrodsham Wheelers D25/3 261h: 0m: 14s1424.90
BaileyISouthport CC D25/3 171h: 0m: 15s1524.90
BoltonPHarry Middleton CC D25/3 371h: 0m: 15s1524.90
MurphyDLiverpool Century D25/3 321h: 0m: 29s1724.80
MaddenTomLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 431h: 0m: 33s1858:5824.77
CrippsJLeigh Premier D25/3 11h: 0m: 53s1924.64
WinstanleyArthurLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 421h: 1m: 03s201h: 1m: 03s24.57
HughesNeilLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 351h: 1m: 58s2158:2824.21
BirchellWLiverpool Braveheart D25/3 381h: 2m: 30s2224.00
KennedyLBirkenhead North End CC D25/3 471h: 3m: 02s2323.80
NurseAlexLiverpool Century D25/3 91h: 3m: 17s2423.70
StuartIanPrescot Eagle D25/3 191h: 3m: 41s2523.55
HemusNick HLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 481h: 3m: 51s2623.49
CorrinIanPort Sunlight Wheelers D25/3 21h: 3m: 55s2723.47
JonesTLiverpool Braveheart D25/3 401h: 4m: 48s2823.15
WilliamsBarryMersey Roads D25/3 221h: 5m: 04s2923.05
HarperPPort Sunlight Wheelers D25/3 231h: 5m: 23s3022.94
ShamasSakLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 251h: 5m: 37s311h: 1m: 37s22.86
LeachKieranLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 341h: 6m: 28s321h: 3m: 39s22.57
FaircloughBillSt Helens CRC D25/3 121h: 6m: 36s3322.52
JohnsonLouiseLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 141h: 6m: 37s341h: 1m: 23s22.52
HolmesDChorley CC D25/3 41h: 6m: 59s3522.39
AtkinsonALeigh Premier D25/3 61h: 7m: 12s3622.32
JenkinsMChorley CC D25/3 211h: 7m: 26s3722.24
SaleALiverpool Braveheart D25/3 331h: 7m: 36s3822.19
MeldrumJamesLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 81h: 7m: 46s391h: 2m: 32s22.13
GormanRachaelLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 461h: 8m: 08s401h: 2m: 37s22.02
HowellALiverpool Braveheart D25/3 391h: 9m: 01s4121.73
WebbPeterLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 491h: 9m: 18s421h: 2m: 18s21.65
FriendDWarrington Rd Club D25/3 281h: 9m: 23s4321.62
ConnellyRichieLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 241h: 11m: 17s441h: 4m: 12s21.04
EllamsJChorley CC D25/3 311h: 11m: 51s4520.88
LordSLeigh Premier D25/3 51h: 12m: 19s4620.74
ShortDavidPrescot Eagle D25/3 441h: 14m: 24s4720.16
HadwinMandyLiverpool Phoenix CC D25/3 101h: 15m: 14s481h: 6m: 14s19.94