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2001 - 10th November Woolton Hall
2002 - Woolton Hall
2003 - Tudor Rooms
2004 - Huyton Suite
2005 - Huyton Suite Prizewinners
2006 - Huyton Suite (photo Album)    Prize Winners   Prog Cover
2007 - Huyton Suite (Photo Album)    Prize Winners   Prog Cover
2008 - Huyton Suite (Photo Album)    Prize Winners   Prog Cover
2009 - Huyton Suite (Photo Album1)  Prize Winners   Prog Cover
2009 - Huyton Suite (Photo Album2)
2010 - Huyton Suite (Photo Album)    Prize Winners   Prog Cover

This year the Merseyside Wheelers Tourist Trial "A Day in Lancashire" was enjoyed by the winning number of 24 finishing riders from the Phoenix C.C. (Aintree).

Some photos from the 2003 Tour of Lancashire, click here.
Club Members were snapped by the webmaster at the start. To see the 'mug shots'
click here














If anyone would like to follow my exploits during the end to end I am completing to promote the world firefighters games next year then a blog has been set up, the address is below

Please distrubute to allow fellow clubmates to laugh at my expense. Cheers, Andy
Congratulations to Andy and Arthur for finishing this great ride.

Lands end to John 'O' Groats Blog

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Link to Tour of Britain 2006 page

Please follow this link for a report and photos of the 2007 National T.T. event on the D25/3 course