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Tuesday Time Trials

The Phoenix C.C. Open 25 was held on the D25/3 course on Sunday 4th July. Time of start 08:30. We had an increasing brisk Westerly, which helped the riders down the lane towards the by-pass but offered little assistance anywhere else. It also heralded a a difficult finish: by that time the wind had picked up to be quite a gale.
The event was badly disrupted by the appearance of a hole in the road. KMI water, in their wisdom, had decided to dig a trench across Cunscough Lane AND to really screw things up, plant a set of temporary traffic lights. The traffic was now restricted to one side on the road for about 30 metres. Just to top it all, they then covered the trench with a couple of 2 inch thick steel plates, both of which had nice sharp edges, perfect for puncturing the thin racing tyres of the time trial bike.
With some very bold marshalling by Keith Linge, he managed to stop the cars when the lights were against the riders. At one stage some riders had to dismount when a lorry was completely blocking the road. (Click here for a few photos.)
Dave Massen suffered the frustration of puncturing on the steel plate but still managed to finish the race on a borrowed bike to enable the Phoenix to win the team of three prize.

Click here for the Result Sheet

Click photo for larger view.

P.McAllister A.Wright P.Batson
P.McAllister 58:34
A.Wright 58:50
P.Batson 58:51

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