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Tuesday Time Trials

Official site of the Phoenix C.C. (Aintree). Created and Maintained by K.W.Williams.
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There was a good field of 57 riders for the Phoenix C.C. open ten with only about 6 DNS.
The sun was shining but the air was a cool 15C with a strong NW blowing.
I was having a go myself so I was not able to spot the potential winner from my normal roadside speck. Back at the finish the marshals were saying that Number 42 J.Wright (Preston Wheelers) appeared to be considerably faster at all points than most other riders. He was the eventual winner with a very good time of 20:41. Although a few Vets were actually closer than the 2nd and third riders in the Men catagory there was only one prize per rider (unless part of a team). G. Brown won the Vets catagory with 21:41 and C.Wadsworth won the Women catagory with 24:08.
Fastest Junior was R.Hulme with 28:37 and B Lloyd was Vet on standard with +7:10.
The team prize went to BNECC witha total time of 72:18.
Two photos below of the Phoenix riders. Prize winner Arthur Winstanley (23:07)
and non prizwinner Keith WIlliams (24:02)
The full (unofficial) results below.
A good turn out of club members made the day a success and Pete completed the event with some grub and beer for the marshals and riders. Cheers Pete.