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Eureka early ride: Destination Eureka

A nice early 7am start and pondering on the cloudy weather, winter bike or shiny bike, shiny it was, a local meet up with Gavin then down to the Merton pub to meet Graham, Helen and Chris we rode down to the tunnel to meet up with Alan and get through the Birkenhead tunnel before the 8am deadline, Alan had it all to do as after calling him at twenty to eight and he was on Belmont Rd in Anfield.

We rode through the tunnel hoping Alan could make it to meet us on the other side, we waited at the toll booths on the other side and hats off to the lad bang on 8am he exited the tunnel, he did well doing that in 20 mins from Anfield.

On our way and Chris's "first" comfort stop had us ride around to Hamilton Square, toilets out of order next to the ferry terminal that was shut, then he was persuaded to do "what we all do" ;-), on our way we went along past a deserted New Brighton which Helen was impressed with as the traffic was none existent, told you early starts are the way forward, a steady ride through a still quiet Moreton soon had us on the Hoylake Rd and onto the Meols Parade for another sea front ride.

Chris had another comfort ha ha then back up onto the top road and through West Kirby to the Grange Road climb, this inflicted pain to a couple but tbf they've not got many miles in the legs as yet.

What goes up must come down and flying down the Telegraph Road soon had us through Thurstaston and into Heswall for a quick stop for a water top up. Further down the road and Helen had a rare to me seat clamp snap, with no immediate fix and me ruling out broom wagons of any nature it was decided Helen would clip in and I would push her to the Eureka.

Helen was finding peddling difficult for long periods with her saddle in the rear pocket :-(.

All sitting at the lights just before the Eureka we had the pleasure of watching a full pelaton of Weaver Valley and PSW enter the Eureka in front of us so we had the “pleasure” of a queue out the door, but still worth it, what other cycle cafe would give you on loan a seat post and saddle.

Big thank you for that Keith Peek.

Nice to see Mike Howard looking better and soon be back on the bike, cheers mate for going out your way to have a coffee with us, bike problems sorted and carbs devoured it was a homeward bound return via Hamilton Square and James St.

One last event for the day was Chris's triple tsukahara with back flip on the stairs in James St Station, hope the ankle swelling goes down soon Chris, 9.9 for technical merit though mate.

All in all an eventful day with a great group of riders.

Thanks all Billy Corlett