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Wiggo rides the Tuesday 10

Fine and dry, a whisper of a breeze but not enough to influence the times. A strong line up of 8 Phoenix members and to put the times into true perspective, one Cofidis rider, Bradley Wiggins, finishing in 19:21.

From the Phoenix, Dave Massen was a close second with 23:22 followed even closer by Arthur Winstanley with 23:28 and John Leach with 23:35. The battle is in full swing, Dave taking the maximum points after a few weeks of 'getting himself together' and sorting out his approach. As for me, the highlight of the night was being passed by Mr. Wiggins seen below at top speed caught on camera Keith Linge, fantastic shot.


Surname First Name Club Crse Race Num Act Time Position Hcap Time MPH Pos On Stnd Two Up PB
WigginsBradleyCofidis D10/1 2119:21131.01
McEvoyJohny Kinesis D10/1 2322:20226.87
GeraciSTeam Swift D10/1 1022:47326.34
GouldorneMAshhurst BC D10/1 1422:47326.34
MassenDavid Liverpool Phoenix CC D10/1 923:22525.68
McKayAYorkshire RC D10/1 423:25625.62
WinstanleyArthurLiverpool Phoenix CC D10/1 1523:28725.57
LeachJohnLiverpool Phoenix CC D10/1 523:35825.44
ToppingDLeigh Premier D10/1 1224:03924.95
MarsdenJMersey Roads D10/1 2224:231124.61
GriffithsJWigan Whs D10/1 1924:271224.54
PhillipsTerryLiverpool Phoenix CC D10/1 1624:311324.47
SedgewickBSouthport CC D10/1 624:411424.31
AppleyardPaulLiverpool Phoenix CC D10/1 1324:551524.08
WilliamsKeithLiverpool Phoenix CC D10/1 1825:151623.76
FairhurstWLeigh Premier D10/1 1125:181723.72
CrossSSt Helens CRC D10/1 2525:501823.23
DochertySteveLiverpool Phoenix CC D10/1 126:231922.74
HerbertMCATI D10/1 827:032022.18
ShortDavidPrescot Eagle D10/1 227:112122.07
TullyLKirby CC D10/1 1727:502221.56
KyneEPrescot Eagle D10/1 2030:592319.37