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Keith Williams: Rainford BypassArhtur Winstanley: Rainford Bypass

Bobbly Lloyd Trophy

Hello again and welcome to the Phoenix brief review and results from tonight's Bobby Lloyd Challenge Trophy. We had 15 riders and they all finished... there, that was brief, wasn't it..? Bye.

Well I could drag it out a bit more and say thanks to the support of our groupies, Buttie and the Massen and for the cheerleaders out on the Rainford Island. Thanks to Keith for photographing the Phoenix squad, (Arthur and Keith).

Arthur fought his fears tonight and actually scraped his knee sliders as he leaned his bike over around the top island and gained those precious seconds to achieve the magical 22 minutes and a few seconds....58 of them. Well done Arth. When I got back to the hut the groupies were congratulating me on a great time... 23:21 until the timekeeper checked again and added on another minute, ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

Oh, I forgot, it was dry but blowing a half gale, not a great night for fast times unless your name is P.Grindley and you finished with 21:38. Nice ride Sir. Mr. Grindley was my following minute man and he shot past me well before the half way point on the fast bit. Awesome!!


SurnameFirst NameClubCrseRace NumAct TimePositionHcap TimeMPHPos On StndTwo UpPB
GrindleyPaulLiverpool Century D10/1 1021:38127.73
CrossJManchester Whs D10/1 1521:58227.31
WashingtonPaulLiverpool Century D10/1 122:57326.14
WinstanleyArthurLiverpool Phoenix CC D10/1 1122:58426.12
PotterRSeamons CC D10/1 823:24525.64
WilliamsKeithLiverpool Phoenix CC D10/1 924:21624.64
ChalmerALeigh Premier D10/1 724:34724.42
FaircloughBillSt Helens CRC D10/1 524:43824.28
SmithGMersey Roads D10/1 1325:17923.73
woodRPrescot Eagle D10/1 325:391023.39
TickleMarkLeigh Premier D10/1 625:511123.21
GillmoreJohnEast Liverpool Wheelers D10/1 1426:081222.96
CookKLeigh Premier D10/1 1226:561322.28
StuartIanPrescot Eagle D10/1 228:381420.95